How homeowners in Maricopa County can protect themselves from scams.

Today, I would like to discuss a concerning issue regarding the potential of unauthorized property transfers that could lead to the loss of homeownership. This matter is currently affecting Maricopa County.

We are addressing a topic that many of you might have come across in television advertisements: scams involving the fraudulent recording of documents to wrongfully assume ownership of a property. Imagine believing you own your home, only to discover that someone has filed documents against your property, transferring the title into their name.

As a result, they gain ownership of the property, while you continue to make mortgage payments. Unfortunately, instances of this nature are becoming more frequent. In fact, Maricopa County has introduced a website where property owners can register to receive notifications about any recordings made in their name or under their business entity related to their property.

“Unfortunately, these scams are becoming more frequent.”

This proactive approach provides valuable awareness. Notably, vacant land has become a major target. Individuals are deceitfully claiming ownership of vacant land, subsequently selling it and taking possession. If you own vacant land, this issue is of particular importance. If you want to check to make sure your property is protected, check out Maricopa County’s title theft prevention tool here.

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