Talking about the changes in our market and the impact of iBuyers.

Last year, the market was hot, and the supply and demand curve was going down. We actually began to see the market cool off a little. Now that we’re in Q1 of 2022, that curved line has shot right back up, and it’s heading towards 500. 100 is a balanced market, so we’re in a hot seller’s market with limited inventory, low interest rates, high demand from people moving here from out of state.

Institutional buyers, or iBuyers, are big corporations and investment firms that pay cash for homes, often with quick closings and no inspections or contingencies. They’re gobbling up a lot of the real estate that buyers are looking to purchase. Homeowners are selling to iBuyers because it’s quick and hassle-free. We even have our own iBuying program called Express Offers, where we can bring serious cash offers to the table for our sellers.

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